Chirp & Chomp

Creative direction and design of Chirp & Chomp, a personal project created to challenge the misconceptions around entomophagy – the ancient practice of eating insects.

Interviews with chefs, stories about restaurants, and captivating data initiate a conversation about a more sustainable future for food. It stays away from photography to make the subject more inviting, and uses a visual language and typographic style that is fun, experimental and slighly bizarre, to better match
the nature of its content.

New School Free Press International Issue

Cover design and Creative direction of the 2022 Spring edition of The New School’s official student-run newspaper.

With the largest body of international students in all of US’ colleges, and little after a year-long global pandemic, we asked The New School community to discuss the concept of ‘home.’ The cover was designed to be detached and folded into a paper plane, used to promote the paper around campus.
In collaboration with Chelsea Sarabia.

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Book Covers


(un)framing vision

Forming compositions requires more than just looking, it’s vision with care and deliberation. Just as a frame encloses an image, it opens up an infinite range of new ones.

Striking configurations were created by scanning three single cut-out paper frames over photographs inside various library books. The selective and playful subtraction of the photos through a circle, square and rectangle lense results in a compilation of compositions within compositions that demonstrate the infinite possibilities of careful looking.
Coptic Binding
Laser Printing
148 pages
Edition of <10

Colors of Nothingness

This book displays adapted imagery of molding bread along with photos of space from NASA’s archives. The concept draws inspiration from Leonard Koren’s writing on Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi. The juxtaposition of the expanding universe and an ordinary example of decay, looks to communicate the fine line between creation and destruction, and considers the encounter of the two as an opportunity for new life.
Japanese Binding
Laser + Risograph Printing
Edition of <10