Chirp & Chomp

Creative direction and design of Chirp & Chomp, a publication that challenges the misconceptions around entomophagy – the ancient practice of eating insects. Interviews and captivating data initiate a conversation about a more sustainable future for food. The visual language and typographic style is fun, experimental and slighly bizarre, to match the nature of its content.

Maria José Arjona (speculative)

Catalog design for “All the others in me” by Colombian performance artist Maria José Arjona, that discusses themes of otherness, distance and perception.

New School Free Press

Creative direction of The New School’s official student-run newspaper. For this 2022 Spring edition, we asked The New School international community to talk about the concept of ‘home.’ The cover turns into a paper-plane, used to promote the newspaper on campus.
In collaboration with Chelsea Sarabia.

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Book Covers (speculative)